Tonight is the deadline for players to earn their points.  Thank you parents for encouraging and helping players along as they reach their goals.  For players who are attending any of the summer tournaments or nationals (your players should know if this is them), we need this form notarized and returned next weekMEDICAL CARE POA Bible Bowl Student Trips – SpringSummer 2014

In the event of an emergency situation where we cannot reach you, this form releases the church from any liability should we need to make any  medical decisions on your behalf.  Lord willing this will never be a scenario we are in.  Usually banks will notarize documents for free if you have an account with them.  Southeast will also do it in the Ministry Resource Center.

If for any reasons your player(s) may not be able to attend any of the tournaments they have earned points for, for whatever reason, please let us know this week.  A player or two may make a difference in how many teams we register for a tournament.

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