There’s a whole lot of studying going on and a few sponsors could use some extra ears during practice.  If you’re able to come and listen to some players quote we’d sure appreciate it.  You’ll be a floater and won’t be with the same players all night.  Please signup here:

Study Camps

Not too long after our last round robin, we enter “Study camps” which last from 5:45 – 8:45pm.  These are a little bit longer, but designed to give our players extra study/quote time before the tournaments.  In order to attend tournaments, players are required to attend half of the study camps.  This year, instead of having 2 study camps per week where players are required to attend each, we’re going to have 4 study camps (Mon, Tue, Wed & Thur) where players are only required to attend 2 of the 4 per week.  If a player misses a week because they’re out of town, they must make up that time elsewhere.  We hope this helps make scheduling for summer events a little bit easier.

There are also 2 Saturday study camps – players are required to attend 1 of these.

By the end of the year players have a lot they need to quote and it takes time – so we need your help!  We need at least 4 adults at each.  Please look over our signup sheet and sign up to help out:

Summer Tournaments

It’s the time of year for us to plan summer tournaments.  The point system from the very beginning has been subject to sponsor/tournament availability.  With that in mind, we will try as hard as we can to ensure players are able to attend the tournaments they have earned.  We can’t do it without support from you.  We need to know within the next 2 weeks what you’ll be able to attend.

We need drivers, vehicles, coaches and quizmasters.  To keep things simple, we’ve put out a signup form:

Please refer to the calendar for complete dates and times.

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